Mosconi Gladen One 6I10 DSP


Mosconi Gladen One 6I10 DSP

The new MOSCONI ONE 6|10 DSP is a universal 6 channel DSP amplifier in Class AB technology. It is the ideal amplifier for speaker systems in combination with efficient subwoofers.

In addition to the revised optics, this 6-channel amplifier has a 10-channel DSP with the latest software. Thus, the new ONE - Line amplifier series is now also compatible with our GUI 3.xx software and offers you full functionality.

The output side power amp section has remained analog to spoil the listener with a warm and powerful sound image.

Of course, all speaker outputs are bridgeable. Here, almost limitless configurations are open to the user.
With its power of 6 x 100 watts RMS, the ONE 6|10 DSP is sufficiently equipped for large 3-way solutions as well as for complete multi-channel concepts.

For system expansion, the integrated 10-channel DSP offers two additional stereo outputs.
The MOSCONI ONE 6|10 DSP is equipped with a Molex speaker connection. This not only ensures clean cabling, but is also compatible with all plug&play cable sets from our SoundUp program.6 Kanal Verstärker

  • New design
  • Analog amplifier technology  
  • 10 channel DSP  
  • Loudspeaker outputs bridgeabl
  • 6 x 100 watts @ 4 ohms   
  • 6 x 120 watts @ 2 ohms
  • 3 x 240 Watt @ 4 Ohm (bridged)
  • Auto On (High Level)

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